Thief-Proofing Your Google Nexus (or any Android device)

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Advanced Power Menu
Advanced Power Menu

Google introduced Android Device Manager last August. This service allows you to easily locate, lock or wipe data off your android device. You can do this from either the companion app, or through the online interface which will also ask you to login with your Google account. This feature is pretty simple, yet very effective.

So Android device owners don?t need to worry about their devices anymore if they lose their device? Not really. At least, not if you haven?t properly set up your Android device and that?s what we?ll teach you how to do.

In case of stolen phones, a thief who knows what exactly they are doing might ?simply turn the phone into airplane mode, or simply turn the thing off. This would render the Device Manager useless because it needs to have the phone online in order to download information about its location. Even if the phone is locked, these features would still be available, but not if it is turned off.

One of the most important requirements is to have your device rooted first. There are several guides online, depending on which device you have.

Then, once you?ve got your device rooted, simply get Xposed Framework and set your device to accept installation from Unknown Sources.

Once set, go to your device?s settings and go to Location menu. Make sure that the accuracy is on the highest setting possible. Then, under Location sub items, go to Google Location Reporting and make sure that it is enabled.

Now, to make sure that this method is fail-proof, be sure that you have set up a Screen Lock on your device. (Not the Slide To Unlock feature, because it?s not that ?secure? at all) A pattern or a PIN code should be set, otherwise, the phone thief can easily disable Device Manager altogether. Under Security, you should also make sure that Android Device Manager is enabled. You can check this by going to Device Administrator menu.

Now, there?s only one thing left, and that is to prevent the phone thief from turning off your Android device, or disabling the network. That?s where you will be needing the Advanced Power Menu application from Xposed Framework.

Once you install this app on your rooted device, it will let you disable shutdown, reboot, and toggling of Airplane and Data mode, while the device is locked.

Now, your tablet/phone?s secure more than ever, even when stolen. Provided that you figure out that it was stolen before the battery dies, or the thief is smart enough to do a complex factory reset.

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