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Thief, one of the gaming world?s most beloved and recognized stealth action franchises, is coming to the big screen.?Variety is reporting that production company Straight Up Films has just acquired the film rights to the Square Enix owned series.

Thief the Movie?

Roy Lee, a producer on Martin Scorsese?s Academy award-winning film The Departed, and Adrian Askarieh of the Hitman film adaptation and its sequel Agent 47, will be producing the film. Following the announcement, Askarieh officially confirmed the news on his Twitter account. The two recently spoke together onstage during last month?s DICE summit where they teased the project.

Penning the script is the duo of Adam Mason and Simon Boyes (Misconduct, Not Safe for Work). Sticking to the game?s roots, the film will be set in a dark fantasy world where a master thief tries to restore freedom, which has been denied by a magic-wielding tyrant.

?This popular game is entirely unique within the genre, which is why we?re particularly excited to be working with these canny, dedicated filmmakers to bring it to the screen,? said Straight Up Films? Marisa Polvino and Kate Cohen.

The first game in the series, 1998?s Thief: The Dark Project was developed by Looking Glass Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. Quickly hailed by many critics and industry figures as a groundbreaking title, its legacy has only proceeded to grow in the almost two decades since its release.

Its sequel, 2000?s Thief: The Metal Age was met with similar praise. The series went into hibernation after the third game in the series, 2004?s Thief: Deadly Shadows, failed to meet sales expectations despite solid critical feedback.

Thief reemerged in recently in the form of 2014?s self-titled reboot. The game received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

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