These sustainable, plant-based diapers are perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin

They’re a great choice for responsible diapering.

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  • Eco-friendly, clinically tested, leak-proof, and yoga pants-soft diapers
  • Provide long-lasting comfort
  • Prevent diaper rash
  • Good for baby’s skin and the environment
  • Reduce plastic waste

It can be challenging for parents to pick the best diapers for their little ones. Since a baby’s skin is very sensitive, they might get rashes or allergies because of the diapers that they use. There are also instances where babies may have a hard time pooping or peeing because their diaper isn’t soft, durable, or absorbent enough. 

Babies may also get irritated when their diapers don’t provide comfort. That’s why it is important to choose ones that are clinically tested, leak-proof, and comfortable for everyday use. Say hello to Dyper

Dyper’s Bamboo Diapers are free of chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotion, TBT or phthalates, and other harmful chemicals, providing your babies 100 percent safety and comfort all day long. Unlike other diapers in the market, they are unscented and not printed to avoid the use of alcohol and ink.

Aside from that, these diapers are eco-friendly and sustainable—making it better not just for your baby’s skin, but also for the environment! By choosing Dyper’s Bamboo Diapers, you can reduce the plastic waste as they are made from viscose fibers sourced from bamboo and packed in bags made of oxo-degradable materials. 

No more stress for you and your little ones with these durable and absorbent diapers! Babies may not even notice they’re wearing any diapers because they’re as soft as yoga pants and prevent rashes and itchiness. 

You can also choose from three different styles that you think would be suitable for your baby’s bathroom habits. Regular is perfect for everyday use, Extra Wide Diaper provides additional coverage and absorption, and Briefs is a training pants-shaped diaper with a 360-degree fit. Cloth diapers are also available printed with cute designs and with replaceable inserts.