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These plant-based gummies provide a surefire way to get your little ones take multivitamins on the daily

Plus they come in different exciting flavors!

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Taking multivitamins helps both kids and adults alike fill in the gaps they may not receive from their regular diet. However, getting young kids to take their vitamins is easier said than done primarily because they don’t like the weird, awful taste.

Well, who says your child needs to endure the ugly taste that comes with taking their vitamins? With these plant-based gummies, they are sure going to love taking their multivitamins on the daily!

Llama Naturals now offers delicious vitamins in the form of gummies. But unlike other gummies, they are not sugar-filled and not the kind that sticks to your teeth and leaves you with nothing but a sugar-high. These bite-size treats are made of real fruit with no added sugar, plus 13 natural vitamins from real fruit and vegetables, slow-cooked to retain all their goodness. Take a look at different exciting flavors of Llama Naturals!

Plant based vitamins in strawberry flavor

Getting your kids to eat all their greens is no easy feat. As parents, we always want to make sure our kids get all the nutrients they need to grow up healthy. Luckily, they can now get as much as 13 vitamins and minerals in the form of delicious plant-based gummies!

With these strawberry flavored gummies, you will no longer have to keep convincing your child to finish their greens. These gummies are the perfect pieces of nutrition for them to stay healthy and strong!

Prebiotic and probiotic in peach mango

We all can benefit from good bacteria and with these prebiotic and probiotic gummies from Llama Naturals, your child can certainly enjoy their vast benefits! Good bacteria work together for ultimate gut, digestive, and overall body health, and these gummies has made healthy delicious, too!

Elderberry Immunity

A strong immune system plays a vital role in keeping our kids protected from sickness, infections, and diseases. The good news is that this Elderberry Immunity from Llama Naturals does an excellent job of strengthening your child’s immune support.

Unlike regular gummies, Elderberry Immunity Bites are made of real fruit and no added sugar or sweeteners. Nothing silly added.

Vitamin D3 from Shiitake Mushrooms

Vitamin D is essential in the growth and development of children’s bones and with these gummies, your child will be able to get advanced vitamin D3 support directly sourced from shiitake mushrooms.

These gummies are slow-cooked to preserve the vitamins and phytonutrients, so your child’s body can easily absorb them. And it means stronger immunity, stronger bones and happier vibes!

Who says healthy can’t be delicious? With these yummy organic gummies from Llama Naturals, your little one can get the vitamins and nutrients they need for their daily requirement. Click here to see the full collection of healthy gummies for the entire family!

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