These Martha Stewart-approved wines have won international awards

If you would pick wines for your home or as a gift, go for those that guarantee satisfaction.

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Whether you’re hosting family dinners or having a virtual happy hour with friends, always have great wine on hand. But don’t just choose any wine because Martha Stewart offers the best from the top wine-producing regions.

Martha Stewart Wine Co. features and delivers premium wines handpicked by experts. One of their curated offerings is the Rose Bouquet Half-Case that includes three award-winning bottles namely; Pierofosco Toscana Rosé I.G.T., 2019 Bernard Magrez Rosé, and Finca del Marquesado Rosado Rioja.

2019 The Pierofosco Toscana Rosé I.G.T – This soft Italian Rosé developed in the 3,000-year-old wine region of Tuscany features aromas and flavors of orange blossoms and wild strawberries. It’s best with appetizers and seafood. It is the Silver Awardee of 2020’s Harvest Challenge Wine Competition.

2019 Bernard Magrez Rosé – This pale pink wine from the finest vineyards across France has delicate flavors of raspberry and red fruit topped with the tartness of gooseberry for a refreshing finish. It’s best with fresh vegetable salads and grilled meat. It won the gold award for 2020’s Harvest Challenge Wine Competition.

2019 Finca del Marquesado Rosado Rioja – This elegant Spanish Rosé came from a family that is passionate about sustainable winegrowing in Spain’s renowned Rioja wine region. It features flavors of freshly picked strawberries, mandarin peel, and white nectarine. It won the silver award of 2021’s Monterey International Wine Competition.

Martha Stewart’s Wine Co. can also deliver half or full cases every six or eight weeks when you avail their subscription.