These Full Body Umbrellas Will Surely Keep You Dry

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Full Body Umbrellas
Full Body Umbrellas

Sometimes a single umbrella is not enough to keep its user dry, especially when the rain is accompanied by gusty winds. These full body umbrellas that will keep its user dry in any kind of rainy weather.

Several manufacturers are working on the new kind of full body umbrellas. For those who are sick of being drenched in rain must have a look at these super cool full body umbrellas. You will be shocked that some of the designs are too crazy for a common daily item.

Max Plus Full Body Umbrella

Max Plus Full Body Umbrella

Max Plus is selling full body umbrella on Alibaba. However, it is not available for single unit purchase as Alibaba is selling it in bulk. The concept is simple the company simply uses plastic curtains to protect the users from rain. The curtains are tied to traditional umbrella to protect the full body of its user.


Full Body Umbrella

Five in one umbrella

Kiks Balayon has posted an image on Flickr which shows a girl carrying ?five in one umbrella?. The umbrella is not yet available in market, it looks like designer have joined five umbrellas to make a huge one. Although, the design looks awkward it can protect the entire body of its user. The prototype was spotted in Japan.

Umbrella Raincoat by Athanasia Leivaditou

Umbrella Raincoat by Athanasia Leivaditou

Famous designer Athanasia Leivaditou has designed a new raincoat cum umbrella. Its capacious hood keeps its wearer dry without the awkwardness of holding an umbrella. It also works as a hands free umbrella just like Nubrella. The only difference is, it comes with a raincoat, and waterproof trousers. Although Leivaditou has not started the mass production, her design has already won ?Silver A? Design Award in Fashion and Jewellery Design?.




Nubrella is a new kind of hand free umbrellas that can be worn as a backpack and and functions like a hood. It is ideal for workers, cyclists and for those that want to carry stuff. Nubrella is designed in tolerate gust and will never invert like traditional umbrellas. It is very easy to use and carry. When not in use, it stores down in a back.

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