These bath bombs prove men can do self-care, too!

These balls have exciting functions for men to enjoy a dip in the tub!

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Companies are now offering different choices of bath products, especially the trendy bath bombs. But most bath bombs you will see in the market consist of just two or a few kinds and are mostly designed for women. But men and even children deserve to see what bath bombs can do during bath time. If you want to mix and match your bath bombs for you or the whole family, Nectar Bath Treats will give you plenty of choices for a perfect fizzing bath time.

Nectar Bath Treats believes that everyone should feel pure joy because it is the number one ingredient for looking and feeling good. That’s why they created handmade bath bombs for everyone because they wanted people, regardless of gender or age, to have more choices of bath bombs for a relaxing bathing experience. The bombs come in 8 relaxing variants:

What are the eight variations of the Nectar Bath Treats bath bomb?

Each bath bomb is handmade to address different needs like:
  1. Awaken your Senses Bath Bomb. Refresh your spirit and awaken your senses with scents of peppermint, clary sage, and juniper berry.
  2. Calm your Spirit. Scented with delicate notes of lavender, chamomile, and warm honey, this soothing bath bomb creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing bath experience.
  3. Cleanse your Soul. This cleansing bath bomb will positively take your breath away. Refreshing and cool! Your skin will be as happy as a clam – but feel much so much softer than before!
  4. Coconut Dream. Exotic and rich this bath bomb is a real treat for your senses! You’ll love how the pink and blue swirl around you while you breathe in the delightful fragrances of acai and crisp coconut.
  5. Detoxify your Mind. This treat is scented with tangy grapefruit, sweet strawberry, and juicy mango for a detoxifying bath that will make you and your skin feel brand new!
  6. Exotic Acai. Toss aside your to-do list, clear your calendar, and make it a point to indulge in Exotic Acai Bath Bomb instead!
  7. Peaches and Cream. Soak your stress away with this light and fruity blend of sun-ripened peaches and sweet vanilla cream.
  8. Stimulate your Passion. Slip into serenity as your tub fills up with hints of succulent strawberry, white peach, and tangy tangerine. It was solely created to stimulate your senses in the very best way!

What is inside of every Nectar Bath Treats bath bomb?

Every bath bomb they make is different, but they all have these three essential components you will love:

  • Sweet Almond Oil: The oil from almonds is full of Vitamin E, A, beneficial fatty acids, protein, potassium, and zinc. It’s an antioxidant powerhouse making it a perfect match for your skin to protect against deterioration of precious collage, helping skin stay healthy and firm.
  • Epsom Salts: Each luxurious bath bomb is packed with these stress-relieving crystals perfect for relaxing your sore and tired muscles.
  • Bentonite Clay: Used for centuries by Native Americans for its healing properties. Its strong, negative electromagnetic charge acts like a magnet for metals and toxins in the body, giving your skin a pure and detoxified feel.

If you want to try more than one variant, try their mix & match set. The set is composed of four different variations of bath bombs. Whether young or young at heart, female or male, there is something from Nectar Bath Treats that will make everyone look and feel good.

Each self-care routine should include a bath bomb. It is the easiest and most convenient way to relax and relieve your mind and body from the exhausting day. With Nectar bath treats, you get to choose what kind of relaxation you would want to indulge in to elevate a simple bath time into the ultimate relaxation.

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