There Will Be A Sequel for ?Red Dead?, Confirmed by Take-Two

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As with the previous rumors of what Rockstar will be bringing in for us, CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick did say that, Red Dead will definitely get another sequel as the game has been a ?permanent? franchise in Take-Two?s roster of games.

Back in 2010, Rockstar?s wild west game Red Dead: Redemption and John Marston (the game?s protagonist) became the iconic game on its own genre and settings. It?s easy to say that it was the best open-world, wild west game that ever graced the world of video games, and nothing has taken the throne from it as of today. It received almost perfect scores from many game-related publishing sites like gamespot, ign and metacritic. It even outperformed Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV.

With the idea of implementing the open-world sandbox game that came from the Grand Theft Auto series, and making significant changes to how the protagonists do things (John Marston, unlike most GTA protagonists, is a ?good? guy who only does ?bad? things for his family), the game easily earned popularity, and generated 13 million sales, more or less. The big question now is, where the hell is the sequel?

According to Take-Two?s CEO, it is in the works already.

?It seems quite obvious that Red Dead is a permanent franchise?

?The risk of just [releasing more games] is that you end up just bulking up your release schedule and that isn?t really what consumers want. Consumers want better, not more. So our selective approach, which we?ve taken since ?07 I think has paid off. Now, we have gotten more by taking that approach; we?ve launched one new successful franchise every year and I would like to keep doing that particularly because I talk about permanent franchises, but not everything is going to be a permanent franchise. Some of our great franchises eventually will lose their lustre and some will hopefully be permanent.?

This wasn?t the first time that Zelnick commented on Red Dead?s sequel, as with the previous year, he stated that Red Dead?s series is permanent.

There is a next-gen game coming out in March 2015, and there?s a very big chance that it could be the next Red Dead game, or the much awaited port of Grand Theft Auto V on PC. Either way, it is good news.

Image Source: Red Dead Redemption Facebook Page

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