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?Them?s Fighting Herds? Is The Game From The Guys Of My Little Pony Fighting Game!

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If you are one of the Bronies and were saddened over the cancelled game, here?s a reason to rejoice.

A group of fans called Mane 6 created a fanmade fighting game that is featuring characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic which they called My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, where they fight each other to become the best pony, unfortunately Hasbro was not too keen on the idea of making a fighting game based on their characters, so they decided to issue cease and desist order on the developers because, legal issue reasons.

Making a My Little Pony fighting game would have been a better idea as it caters to the older audience that started the Brony trend. But there is nothing we can do if it was already shut down.

However, a ray hope has shine upon the young talented game developers, as Lauren Faust; the creator, character designer and producer of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic supported the Mane 6 team by designing all-new original characters. As a result, Them?s Fighting Herd was born, and it won?t be using any My Little Pony license. The game is currently having its IndieGogo campaign to help fund the project, so far around $150,000 was funded in a span of three days, it still has 28 days left to completely fund its $436,000 target goal, those who will donate will have some neat rewards once the game becomes available. It still has that vibe from their old project but this time, with fresh new characters, this would probably remind you of the candy artwork from Skull Girls, another indie fighting game. If you are curious on how the game plays, you can check out the gameplay video below, and if you want to support Them?s Fighting Herds, be sure to visit their IndieGogo page and start pledging.

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