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Theme Hospital – Now Free on Origin!

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Photo source and credits to Origin and EA

One of the classic games is now free on Origin! Grab a copy of Theme Hospital now.

Many people might say that the ?90s is the best?especially those ?90s kids that actually enjoyed that decade. Well, you can?t actually blame them because let?s face it, that was the decade where they released the PlayStation One and other games that are memorable to teens and kids of that era.

If you are one of those ??90s kids will remember? type of person, hold on to your seats because you are in for a treat!

Recently, EA had just announced that the classic and nostalgic game Theme Hospital is now available to download, FOR FREE! According to the eccentric gamer.

What is Theme Hospital?

Theme Hospital is a business simulation game that was developed by Bullfrog Production and published by Electronic Arts, or commonly known as EA.

Majority of kids today probably don?t know what Theme Hospital is other than the fact that it was a game from EA. It is pretty much like SimCity or the other classic game Sim Theme Park but on this game, instead of being a mayor or an owner of a theme park, you will be a manager/designer of a high-tech hospital.

On this IP, you will play as the manager and designer of the hospital. You will encounter different types of weird?fictional?illnesses like the Bloaty Head where the only cure for that disease is popping the head of the patient and using an air pump to restore it to its normal size?I know that sounds really weird but in the Sims universe, that is pretty much normal. If you think the Bloaty Head is weird, wait till you see the other diseases you might encounter in-game.

This wonderful gem is now free on Origin!

If you love playing those old classic games like Theme Hospital, you are in luck. EA had just made the game free on Origin.

As said on that website, this is a limited time only offer so what are you waiting for? Click the link and download the game now!

Photo source: Origin

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