THE X-RUMORS 6/12/08

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Weapon X is back again with some hot news!!!

On the last post I reported that there is a chance that if you reserve SOCOM for the PS3 there would be a chance that you could get in on the public beta of the game. Well it is seems like this rumor just got hotter because as of this morning SOCOM: Confrontation just became available for reservation at a popular retail outlet. There are two different SKUs for the game. One  will come with a brand new blu-tooth headset that is equipped with two mics and has sound canceling technology all for 59.99. The other SKU will be just the game only for 39.99. Not a bad deal right? As far as when retailers will get beta passes has not been determined as of yet but what I do know is that Sony is working with one of the retail stores to get as many recruits as possible to join the fight. News should be forth coming in the coming weeks or months as to when the SOCOM beta will get underway. We could be going to war as early as this summer!! Remember take what I say only as a grain of salt but if it comes true remember that you heard it from me first.

Worried about what the next big games coming out for PS3? Don’t worry! Weapon X got you covered.

  • SOCOM: Confrontation-09/16/08
  • TNA Impact-09/03/08
  • Ferrari Challenge-08/27/08
  • Silent Hill Homecoming-09/31/08
  • Bioshock-11/04/08
  • Resistance 2-11/04/08

Looks like you may have alot of saving to do between now and the end of the year. So many games. So little time.

That’s it for today. Keep check back daily for more X Rumors. HAPPY MGS DAY!!!! Weapon X out.


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