The X-Rumors 06/11/2008

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Welcome to my new column, the X-Rumors. My name is Weapon X and I’m the new industry insider for The Bitbag. I will be bringing you hot industry rumors every week. Remember, everything I post should be considered a rumor and taken with a grain of salt. Of course if what I tell you comes true, you know where you heard it first! Here’s my X-Rumors for today:

  • Here’s some good news regarding the SOCOM beta!  When SOCOM goes up for reservation, there may be a chance for the public to get in on the beta with the people who have already downloaded Qore on their Playstation 3.
  • There will be a sale going on for the 40gb PS3 at a popular gamers retail outlet. When you buy a 40gig system and a copy of MGS4, you will be able to get an extra Dual Shock 3 controller for free.
  • The first few people that pick up their copy of MGS4 they will receive some type of MGS world war chronicles book and from what I heard, it looks pretty tight.

That’s it for today, keep checking back for more X-Rumors every week!

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