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The World Before Skyrim: Fantasy Gaming, the Early Years

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It?s hard not to become obsessed with Skyrim. For a game that?s supposed to have been intruding into a niche where almost all angles have been explored, it succeeded in making itself uniquely admired. While it does have dragons, wizards, knights, and kings ready to wage war at a moment?s notice, the environment and the gameplay are something to look out for. The lush surroundings, and Skyrim?s very own climate is something to look out for even while you?re looking out for dragons.

Skyrim?s graphics and gameplay aside, the world in which it operates?fantasy?is not a new element in gameplay. There are a lot of games, in fact, that dwell upon this element. In a time before PC games were a thing, there were the countless board games that permeated the consciousness of today?s fantasy gamers. Dungeons and Dragons were a thing then, and are still now, influencing the way player-characters can be designed. Heroes of Might and Magic might be worth mentioning too.

However, once PCs came around, there were developments in the world of fantasy gamin. No longer were games confined to a ready-made board, a story based on the imagination of a game master, and the pieces we needed to move around. Character sheets were made into electronic sheets, and people started to look into these games.

These were proof that, in the mind of a recent gamer, there was a fantasy world in gaming even before Skyrim was created or thought of.

There are classic games such as the Golden Axe Warrior on the Sega Master System, a 16-bit side scrolling game which featured the classic RPG staple characters: a barbarian, an amazon, and a dwarf. In this game, you fight against an evil intent on making a kingdom his for all eternity. Even before this game, however, there were other games that already existed, which it drew up. These games were available on the classic gaming system, the Atari 2600.

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Of these games, of particular mention are games like Crypts of Chaos, Venture, Dragonstomper, and Swordquest. There may be very few among you who might remember these games. Heck, we were even ?thinking these games might feature characters, but they don?t?well, at least, on the screen. Crypts of Chaos and Venture were a real big draw during the 80s. These were the first dungeon crawlers that kids used to play and used to be mesmerized at.

Venture had a system that used a ?bow-and-arrow? which meant your character was an archer, and Crypts of Chaos used a ?first-person? approach in its game, which was cutting edge during that time. In a nutshell, these games, in one way or another influenced the games which we now play. Of course, the archer?s aim in Skyrim is flawless. And the first-person perspective is also something to behold. As gamers, we are fortunate enough that, because of the existence of these games way back, the games we play now are made better.

If we?re playing these games right now, we have every reason to believe the next 30 years or so will be a very exciting time to wait for.

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