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The Witcher Free DLC Announced, New Game Plus Mode Gets Fans Excited

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The Witcher Final Free DLC

The Witcher: Wild Hunt just announced some exciting news earlier that got fans of the Polish video game buzzing in Social Media. A New Game Plus mode that?s slated to make the popular game even more popular is about to be released.

The game developer, CD Projekt Red, made the announcement via Twitter: ?NG+, the final FREE DLC, is on the way! Stay tuned. Won?t happen this week – we need a bit more time to finish it.?

The Witcher Free DLC

Although there are still no exact details on what the new game plus will be, some people are speculating that it will be launched by next week. And as this is the last Free DLC for the game, people believe that the game will be epic.

And fans were ecstatic!

One Twitter follower said: ?Yet another reason you guys rock and this game is the pinnacle that other companies should strive for…Awesome news!!

Another reacted with an enthusiastic, ?God is real, and works at @CDPROJEKTRED @witchergame.?

Daniel Angione on the other hand, who finished the game already, said ?@witchergame YES, finally an excuse to go back into the game and finish it on the hardest difficulty for the last remaining achievement :3?

In the same Twitter announcement, the game developer also commented on ongoing fix they are doing for the PS4 version. Commenting on user Eriugam, they shared that though there are no updates yet on a PS4 fix, they will be releasing an update very soon.

Shot to fame

The Witcher was a surprising video game which immediately shot to fame thanks its awesome graphics and gripping plot ? not bad for a game produced by an independent company from Poland.

According to website Daily Star, the developers sold 4 million copies of the game worldwide only weeks after its May release. The earlier two installments in the Witcher series have sold some 8 million copies since hitting the market in 2007 and 2011.

?The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best games ever made,? said website Gamespot of the game that is the top seller in most of the 109 countries where it was released.

?They created the largest open world in the history of video games and filled it with realistic dialogue and characters that are full of life,? said leading Polish game developer Pawel Miechowski of the game?s creators. ?Plus the graphics are staggering.?

The Witcher?s main character, a scar-faced hitman named Geralt, is considered the new ambassador of Poland, and the country even gave US President Barack Obama, with a copy of the game during a diplomatic visit.

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