The Witcher 3 Best Weapons & Where To Find Them: Stronger & Better Weapons Are Hidden In The Game, Here’s How To Acquire Them

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If you think you?ve found the weapons just for you in ?The Witcher 3,? there are probably better and stronger weapons you can find with the right locations. Finding some of the best weapons in the game is just as hard as crafting it. So it?s really the gamer?s decision if they want to focus on swordsmanship or finding the weapons by moving through every inch of the map. To ease your problems, here are some of the locations of the best weapons in??The Witcher 3? map.

Wolven Swords


You can find the diagrams for crafting the Wolf School swords near Kaer Morhen. They can be acquired at level 14 and they can provide you with a basic increase in sign intensity, a better chance to inflict bleeding on your enemies and more adrenaline points and experience when battling monsters.

Enhanced Wolf Swords


Diagrams for crafting the higher performing Enhanced Wolven swords can be found in Crow?s Perch and Kaer Morhen. Unless you?re level 21 and higher, you can?t use these enhanced weapons, but if you?re patient enough, they can provide you with the same stats from the basic ones but with greater performances.

Superior Wolven Swords


If you?re looking for a much better upgrade, you can find the diagrams for the Superior Wolf swords on Ard Skellig. But you need to be lever 29 to be able to use it. So if you?re also looking for a step forward from the enhanced versions, then this is the weapon you?ve been looking for.

Mastercrafted Wolf Swords


This would be the final phase for the evolution of the wolven weapons. The Mastercrafted Wolf swords? diagrams can be found the southern part of Velen, and in order to use this weapon, you must be level 34 or higher. Patience is the key in obtaining this weapon and if luck is on your side, you?ll definitely get the enhanced abilities you?ve been searching for.

What weapons do you think are the best in ?The Witcher 3?? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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