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The Walking Dead: Surviving Together Teaser Trailer ? Theory and Review

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Photo source and credits to AMCTV.com

The teaser trailer for the return of The Walking Dead this February

The Walking Dead season 5 is, by far, the best season of the whole series?in my book. The mid-season finale was the best episode I?ve seen next to the Prison raid episode by the Governor. It left us fans some sad memories, the death of the hottest character in the series, Beth Greene.

Recently, AMC had released their teaser trailer for the return of The Walking Dead this coming February.

The Walking Dead: Surviving Together teaser trailer, my thoughts and theory

Credits to DestinyOneGamer

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Here are some things that I?ve noticed in the tease trailer of The Walking Dead: Surviving Together:

  • Based on how Rick Grimes facial reaction when he was shooting his gun, it looks like the gang is up against?probably?another group of survivor, a hostile one. It is definitely not zombies because Rick has this look on his face like he is pushing himself to shoot ?someone? pretty much like the prison incident.
  • Another one that points out my theory that they are up against a group of people is that, everyone is using their guns and shooting furiously?even Daryl Dixon! Even when they are in some deep trouble with hordes of zombies, they still maintain a silent and lethal approach when taking care of the problem. Not in the case of hostile humans though.
  • Carl and Judith are not in the teaser trailer. This could also indicate that the theory is possible because we know that whenever the group is in a tight situation, Rick will ask Carl (and his baby sister) to stay somewhere safe and stay out of the crossfire and keep her safe at all costs.
  • The soundtrack is breathtaking and it totally blended with the dark element of the trailer.
  • Carol is keeping her badass attitude! Looks like he will be the female version of Daryl Dixon.

Who they are up against in the coming episodes of The Walking Dead

For now, it is still a theory but they are definitely fighting someone here rather than something. As to who, it?s kind of hard to say names, they could be someone new (for the series) or a surprise villain from the comics.

AMC?s The Walking Dead will return this coming February 8, 2015.

Photo source and credits to?AMCTV.com

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