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The Walking Dead Season 8 Predictions: Who Could Die In The Next Season [Spoilers]

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Could Off These Characters
King Ezekiel And Shiva In The Walking Dead [Image Courtesy Of AMC]

AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently on a break and we can expect to see the next season later this year. Season 7 ended with the Alexandrians, the Hilltop Colony and The Kingdom’s people finally taking up arms against The Saviors and we can expect a great battle in the next season. The Walking Dead season 8 could be home to a few deaths and fans should brace themselves.

AMC’s take on the iconic zombie phenomenon is loosely based on The Walking Dead graphic novels. As such, there are times when events in the novels and the TV series match. The Walking Dead season 8 is expected to have a few more deaths as this story arc in the graphic novels had its fair share of deaths as well.

King Ezekiel And Shiva

King Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva were slowly becoming beloved characters when The Walking Dead season 7 was approaching its end. To the dismay of fans of the duo, the pair might bite the big one in the latter parts of The Walking Dead season 8. Fans should prepare for an instant tear jerker.

In the comics, Shiva throws her life to save her caring master during a failed attack on The Saviors left Ezekiel cornered by a horde of Walkers. As for King Ezekiel, he doesn’t die up until the Whisperers arrive but the writers of the TV show could end the lives of the two characters together to give everyone, even the devoted graphic novel fan, a surprise.

Daryl Or Dwight

Many fans have been anticipating the death of Daryl ever since Dwight got introduced to the show. Daryl is an original character from AMC and is known for his cool nature and his crossbow; both of which are the defining traits of Dwight in the comics.

Dwight is going to play a major role in the next season as he begins helping the Alexandrians by going undercover in The Saviors. It’ll be hard to keep spotlights on the two similar characters so AMC could off one of them. As usual, fans are hoping that the unlucky one won’t be Daryl.


Like Daryl, Jadis is an original character. The Scavengers in the comics are lead by a man named Derek. Knowing Negan’s devotion to protect his group, he could be using Jadis and The Scavengers as sacrificial lambs in the upcoming war. This spells bad news for Jadis, who betrayed Rick’s group at the end of season 7.

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