The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Rick Meets King Ezekiel, Maggie Overthrows Gregory, The Alliance Against Negan Starts

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers
The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead Season 7 left many of us off the edge of our seats. It also left most of us wanting for so much more. 2017 can?t come any sooner.

But if you can?t wait for the next episode of The Walking Dead and absolutely need your fix right now, we got you covered. We have The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers, Rick finally meets with King Ezekiel.

What?s Happening Next

As always, it was an awesome and painstaking episode to watch all thanks to Negan. We?re all left to wonder just what?s going to happen next.

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First off, it looks like Rick and the gang are about to go to war. With the latest abuse dealt by Rick and the sobering moment Rick had with Michonne, it’s clear that they need to act otherwise, it will all be a matter of time before they all die under Lucille.

The first couple of episodes may have shown us a broken Rick who’s had to struggle to swallow both his hate and pride at every turn. But now it looks like he?s reached his breaking point.


So here are the big spoilers, last chance to turn back now. The next episode is set to have the leaders of the groups to meet soon. This is all based on the the comics, and even though the show deviates a bit, the show?s writers have often stuck closely to the main plot points of the story. Three big things may be set to occur in the next episode of The Walking Dead Season 7.

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First, Rick is set to meet King Ezekiel. This will be in a bid to convince him to join forces in the fight to stand against the Saviors. The strongest argument that Rick will make is the fact that they all have a fighting chance together, while it’s only a matter of time before The Saviors take them both out. This events that will lead towards this big discussion is all foreshadowed by King Ezekiel?s right-hand man in the last episode.

As for the Hilltop, Maggie?s about to take charge. This was all hinted in the last episode with the people of the Hilltop growing closer to Maggie due to her recent heroics.

A big conflict is set to happen between Gregory and Maggie. This is where all the friction between the two has been leading up to in the past couple of episodes.

In the the comics, Maggie and the rest get sick of Gregory and essentially overthrow him. Maggie doesn?t really want to be boss but inevitably ends up calling the shots.

And with that, we?ve give you guys the framework of what?s about to happen in the next three to four episodes of The Walking Dead Season 7.?

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