The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peek: New Clues on Negan?s Kill

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Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peek

TWD fans are still having hang-ups from the season six cliffhanger, constantly scouring the internet for spoilers and clues as to who dies in the hands, or rather bat of Negan. Is is Abraham? Is it Glenn? Or maybe even Rick? Here are new clues from latest The Walking Dead Season 7 sneak peek.

Another released teaser that will have die hard TWD fans looking into closely is of Dwight?s face angle and hair movement. For sure, we?re all practically looking into the science of it all because seriously, fans are now saying that if you look closely at Dwight?s clothes, you?ll know who among our beloved characters will be missed in the next season. Spoiler alert: check out the clip below and let us know what you think. Feel free to share your own theory.


See it now? As you can see, Dwight is now using Daryl?s bike and his vest. This could possibly be a sign that our redneck hunk, Daryl Dixon, is Lucille?s unfortunate victim. Although one can still be hopeful, Dwight may have just snatched these from Daryl, a usual practice of the Saviors when taking over other survivor communities.

Another clue that points to Negan killing someone near Daryl was a recent photo posted by Norman Reedus. The photo kind of suggests that someone, if not killed, was beaten up badly by Negan.

The photo below shows Daryl and Rick, blood splattered on the right side of their faces. Rick has the blood on the right side of his face while Daryl has it on the right side of his neck. Rumors are now saying that Negan killed Maggie, who was on the right of Rick or Glenn, who was on the right of Daryl or maybe both? The said photo is in mirror image and was since deleted by Norman Reedus. Suspicious huh?


We have about two months to go before the premiere and we?re hoping we get more Walking Dead Season 7 sneak peeks. So hang in there folks! For the meantime, watch this cute video of Reedus kissing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, edited by @HunterDixon on twitter.

We?d like to hear your theories for season 7. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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