The Walking Dead Season 7: Norman Reedus Talks About A Brand New World

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Walking Dead Season 7

The introduction of Negan on The Walking Dead reopened our wounds and just took away every single ounce of security we had for our main heroes (having to wait til October for Walking Dead Season 7 doesn’t help at all!)

The controversial season 6 cliffhanger scene is causing everyone anxiety, not just the fans, but the cast members as well. Reedus tells EW that it was hard for them to go back and continue the scene, and finally kill off one (or two?) of their beloved actor(s) from the show.

Also during Norman Reedus? EW interview, he said, going back and filming from that cliffhanger scene was exhausting and was no fun. ?You know, we always come back to this show every season, and we?re like, ?Yeah, let?s get back into it!? You know, all the actors are excited to be here and see each other and get back into where they were. But this was one of those where it?s like, ?Oh, f?. Here we go.?

With all the hype from who did Negan kill?, everyone has very high expectations for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. The grueling wait til October, as mentioned, doesn?t actually help relieve the tension and fear of getting disappointed. Reedus shares that season 7 will show a brand new world. And because of the complete change of power, the world has been turned upside down. Just as when our main heroes thought they were on the path of becoming okay, that path has been ripped from their feet and things they believe in are completely different now. Does it sound like it will be worth the wait? We hope so!

Walking Dead Season 7

The characters in TWD deal with a lot of death and Reedus tells us that each character is affected differently. Some relinquish power. Some accept it. Some fight it. There are people questioning it, pointing their fingers, or blaming themselves. Negan?s arrival has completely destroyed the group and shaken up everything. We now have characters that are doubting themselves and one another; even doubting their beliefs as well. Expect to see each of them completely broken and handling this death differently from one another.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on AMC on October 23.

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