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The Walking Dead Season 6 Update: Rick Grimes Shocked To Kill Another Character, More Gut-Wrenching Drama In Upcoming Episodes

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The Walking Dead Season 6 has finally started and things are apparently going to get tougher for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang as they step up and take matters into their own hands to defend the Alexandria Safe Zone. Things, however, aren?t going to be easy for Grimes as his ego clashes with Morgan Jones (Lennie James). Those who haven?t watched the premier should be wary for incoming spoilers.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Update

Lincoln revealed that he was surprised that Grimes had to kill Jones in the premiere. ?He was a brilliant actor. It?s that thing I say every time we kill someone off: ?Do we really have to take this guy down?? Because he?s amazing, and also he gave voice to the rebellion that was happening in Alexandria, and did it so well, so grounded,? Lincoln said. ?I really bought the fact that he was a working man, but someone who wasn?t willing to concede to this maniac Rick.?

More Drama For The Gang

Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira was also able to share her thoughts about the new season and what?s in store for us in the coming episodes. ?It?s an amazing season,? Gurira told People. ?It?s very rich and deep and full of everything you can imagine.? The Walking Dead Season 5 ended with a clash between Rick & the gang and the residents of Alexandria, hence, we should expect a lot more drama in the coming episodes.

?We are working really, really hard and the scripts are riveting and gut wrenching,? Gurira shared. ?It?s powerful storytelling that we get to work on every day. Its powerful stuff that?s coming out of the writer?s room,? she added.

If you haven?t watched the premier episode of the Walking Dead, you can still catch up by viewing them on AMC?s website. You can watch the latest episode of season 6 every Sunday at 11:30 p.m. on AMC.

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