The Walking Dead Season 6: The Best Episodes To Look Back On Before The Disappointing Finale

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?The Walking Dead? finally revealed its midseason finale and gave the viewers something to think about before they take a break. But before we stop talking about Rick and the gang, here are some of the episodes from season six that we think are the best parts to argue about:

Episode 1: ?First Time Again?

Every start of the season, ?The Walking Dead? gives us something to look forward to and this first episode from season six doesn?t change that perspective. We know that without the success of the season premier of every TV series, nobody would be attracted by the upcoming episodes. ?First Time Again? gave us what we wanted: A horde of walkers, Rick and his wise decisions, and survivors being bitten.

Episode 3: ?Thank you?

This is the episode where the series kept us at the edge of our seat and gave us sleepless nights. We were forced to see the part where Nicholas, seeing no way out of the horrible scenario, decides to shoots himself in the head with the falling body knocking Glenn off the top of the dumpster into the horde of walkers. We then see the scene where Glenn screams his head off while countless of walkers ate the organs of what seemed like Glenn?s.

What made this episode one of the best is because of sheer excitement and suspense when the episodes left off with Glenn looking like he was being eaten alive. Without this episode, we would have never even looked forward because we just wanted to know if Glenn was alive or not.

Episode 7: ?Heads up?

And after three long episodes, they finally got back to Glenn and gave us the answer we were looking for. In the ?Heads up? episode, fans wanted nothing more than to see Glenn alive and sure enough, we saw him breathing and crawl underneath the dumpster while the walkers were busy eating Nicholas? dead body. Good ol? faithful Enid was there to save the day and bring Glenn help and some supplies. Add the fact that the safe zone was surrounded by a horde of walkers gave this episode leverage from the others.

What do you think was the best episodes for season six of ?The Walking Dead?? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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