The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers: Will Glenn?s Fate Finally Be Revealed?

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We?ve been waiting quite a while for the next episode of The Walking Dead to come out with everyone expecting that they?ll finally have some closure to what really to Glenn ? is he alive or is he dead? But unfortunately, fans will still have to wait a little longer because they still won?t find the answer that they?re looking for in episode 6.

Check out the promo trailer below:

Although we saw the brutality of the previous episode, fans were still not ready to accept the fact that Glenn was killed the last time we saw him. And since episode 3, titled ?Thank you,? ended in such a shocking manner, many viewers took out their frustration on social media and wanted to find another way to keep Glenn?s memory alive by coming up with theories and ways on how he can still be kicking.

So now that the next episode is about to air, fans shouldn?t expect an answer for Glenn anytime soon because according to International Business Times, episode 6 will apparently be about Morgan and his journey to Alexandria. The upcoming episode, titled ?Here?s not here,? might dwell on less action and more and emotion, getting to know ?who the Cheesemaker is and how he met and trained Morgan in the art of peace,? posted by Spoiler TV.

Walking Dead fans also posted on social media a partial description of episode 4, describing the introduction from The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page:

Opening scene: The word ?Now? flashes on the screen. Morgan walks into shot and looks into the camera and says, (paraphrased) ?You said you like talking. I remember that. You said you want everything I have. Well here it is. Every last bit.? The word ?Then? flashes on the screen.

Episode 6 official synopsis: ?A new face and setting are introduced. With all that?s gone on in the apocalypse, can people be trusted??

?Here?s not here? air this Sunday, November 1 at 9pm ET on AMC. You can also catch the upcoming episode online via livestream by checking out this link.

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