The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers: Episode Was Anti-Climactic Because Everyone New What Was Going To Happen, But We?re Still Glad, Yes That Means HE?s Alive

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We finally got our answer on Sunday?s ?Heads Up? episode of ?The Walking Dead.? If you?ve been tuning in to the show since Nicholas gave up and Glenn fell into a horde of zombies during the third episode of season six, then you?ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. ?The Walking Dead? finally gave us the answer to the question that fans have been asking: Is Glenn alive?

Yes. Yes, Glenn is alive. No matter how you looked at it, Glenn survived yet again and got out alive in of an unlikely scenario. In the latest episode of AMC?s hit show, they began with Nicholas? body eaten by a horde of Walkers while the amazing Glenn sneaked under a dumpster to find cover. He eventually decided to wait until it was safe to go outside the next day and was looking like he was in desperate need of water. Good thing Enid had great timing and was there to save Glenn?s day.

Although it was a bit convincing that Glenn had actually been consumed by the Walkers, the fact that we already saw Glenn hiding under Nicholas? body was already a sign that our favorite pizza boy will find a way out of this mess. It was just that AMC took long enough to give us the answer.

Glenn is alive. Those sweet three words you?ve been waiting for is now an ironclad truth. There?s no more denying our pizza boy his escape from near death. We?ve watch him countless of times clawing out of near eaten-by-a-zombie experiences but we?ve never been this much worried about him.

Glenn is going to die in the next episode?

But of course, there?s no escaping the inevitable life of a survivor in a zombie apocalypse, and that is you?ll eventually die one way or another. Apparently, it?s still not Glenn?s time to walk(er) out of our lives, but it just goes to show that by the time the Glenn?s death arrives, there?s nothing you can do to prepare for it.

Rumors have also suggested that Negan is finally arriving to the world of “The Walking Dead” series, and we all know that when Negan comes to the show, it will be the end of Glenn. Comic fans know this unfortunate disaster because there’s a scene in which Glenn is beaten to death by a baseball bat from the hands of Negan. Although we aren’t sure if AMC will follow the comic book plot, it’s still a fifty-fifty chance.

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