The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers And Recap: How Will The Great Zombie Walk End?

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Just survive somehow. That’s the meaning of the message Enid left everywhere she traveled on her own, a mantra to keep her going through this world. It’s also an ideal that separates the citizens of Alexandria, and to be honest, Morgan, from Rick and our group who have been outside for so long.

Just surviving somehow is a license to do anything and everything to stay breathing, something neither Morgan nor the Alexandrians are willing (or in the case of some, able) to do. To them, there are lines you don’t cross. To Carol and Maggie and Carl and the rest, those lines are blurrier. As the Wolves show themselves and the citizens of Alexandria finally are fighting for their own lives, how far everyone is willing to go to survive is finally becoming much clearer. It’s good news for some, very bad news for others, reported USA Today.

However according to AV Club, one will have to wait till next week to learn if the Great Zombie Walk ended disastrously or not; ?JSS? sticks exclusively to the chaos in town, although Morgan (who?d been with the herders) shows up at the halfway point. But we do find out what was making all the noise, and, in its way, the answer confirms all of Rick?s darkest suspicions.

The horn is just a side effect of a sudden and brutal assault by the Wolves, an assault that leaves many of the locals dead, exposing once again how under-prepared the Alexandrians are for the world they now live in. Aaron manages to take out some of the group, but in the end, it?s Carol and Morgan who do most of the work.

Deanna, seeing what?s being asked of her, turns her back on the fighting and hides, and you can?t really blame her for it. Some people just aren?t cut out for this level of violence.

In JSS we see the remaining survivors and Alexandrians coping with day-to-day life. Carol barely managing to hold her tongue chatting it up with the soft, silly women.

The Wolves attack out of nowhere. One second, Carol is staring out the window at her annoying neighbor as she smokes a cigarette (outside, thanks to Carol?s chiding) and then suddenly a huge guy with a machete is hacking her to pieces reports Forbes.

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