The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Finally, A Sign From Glenn?

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This week?s episode of ?The Walking Dead? gave us something to talk about when they continued the story and picked up the pace from the previous episode. Although we?re still watching bits and pieces of the story, the sixth episode, titled ?Always Accountable,? took a big leap and gave us some more interesting questions to ponder on.

When is Glenn going to appear?

How many episodes do we have to wait until we get the answer from the show? Not a clue. And as expected, the question of what happened to Glenn is still hanging in the air like it was just a minor event in the Walking Dead. The show may think it?s a great idea to keep us waiting but they?ll eventually understand that our curiosity can only lead to anger if Glenn still doesn?t appear in the next episode.

But to keep those heads from blowing off, we might have just figured out that Glenn is really alive. If you can still remember, a certain someone called for “help” in the ending from the episode on the transistor radio. Maybe Glenn managed to grab hold of his radio and called someone to send some reinforcements.

Rick, Carol, and Michonne

And with Glenn?s whereabouts still hanging in the air, we also have another question that needs some answers: When are Rick, Carol, and Michonne going to talk about what just happened? Maybe if Rick finally plans a discussion about the Walkers and the wolves? assault, we may have something to look forward.

Daryl?s crossbow

Unfortunately after five amazing seasons, Daryl?s crossbow just up and left us. This significant event in the history of Walking Dead will be a reminder that nothing lasts forever. When Daryl was pressured to leave his crossbow at gunpoint, we felt that painful sting in the heart.

Everybody knows that it?s just as much part of the beloved show than any other character. Though it?s still unclear if we?re ever going to see the crossbow again, our memory of the crossbow saving lives and killing zombies will forever be in our hearts.

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham

Now we get to the interesting part when Daryl, Sasha and Abraham make two new stories. The first one is where Sasha and Abraham wait for Daryl to come and find them. As they take their time and wait for their rescue, we find out that Abraham apparently likes Sasha though she doesn?t return the favor. This romantic interest may make a little Rosita jealous but we?ll find eventually find out more in the upcoming episodes.

Will Glenn finally show up in the next episode? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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