The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 Was A Big Let Down: But We Finally Know What Happened To Glenn! (Spoilers)

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The latest episode of The Walking Dead let us down, giving us an absolute mess of a show with a lot of fans complaining how they didn?t bother to progress the story to keep us hooked. What?s even worse is that they didn?t even to bother to answer the lingering question on every fan out there: Is Glenn still alive?

Last week, The Walking Dead kept us waiting and ?toyed with our emotions? by letting us watch an episode dedicated to Morgan and his backstory, according to Forbes. It?s understandable that they had to give Morgan his own episode, since he?s an important character and an integral part of the story. And we wanted to know what really happened to Morgan in terms of how he got to Alexandria and why he became an expert Bo staff user.

Unfortunately, we were surprised to see that episode 5 wouldn?t even be closer to what we were looking for. The latest episode ?Now? looked like it was a filler, ?and not only is it filler, it?s not even subtle about it,? shared by Forbes? Erik Kain. But we do get to see Rick and Jesse have their special moment and an important scene where we see Maggie planning to find Glenn. This could be in important scene that would come out in the next episode which we?re guessing that they?ll finally answer the lingering question on everybody?s mind.

But if we really want to understand the episode, it all boils down to the people of Alexandria. The gist of the episode may have been a story about the good people of Alexandria and ?an episode that?s supposed to make us care more about these others we?ve come into contact with,? shared by Erik Kain.

So going back to the question, whatever happened to Glenn, we actually think he?s alive simply because the show has been very vague about his death. And that for us is a clear indication that the show?s producers are also not sold on the idea of our favorite pizza guy dying ? they?re probably just trying to figure out how to make his survival sensible.

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