The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4 Spoilers: Great Episode Aimed To Distracts Us From Glenn?s Real Fate?

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If you?re one of the many who still can?t comprehend the cliffhanger of seeing Glenn eaten to death (or not) by a horde of Walkers, then welcome to our world. And this week?s episode further adds wood to the fire of speculation that our favorite pizza guy is actually alive, because the ambiguity of his death is stronger as ever. Why? Because AMC just gave us an awesome episode to distract us from what really went down last week.

For the recent episode, we saw Morgan?s journey to Alexandria and his ?struggle from the brink of self destruction? definitely gave us a phenomenal show of compassion.

Episode 4 of ?The Walking Dead? season 6, titled ?Here?s Not Here,? gave us a history of Morgan (Lennie James) and how he had an encounter with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in episode 12 of season 3 titled ?Clear? which featured a one-on-one conversation between the two. Although we didn?t see Rick this week, we had a mouthful of Morgan both ?in his Zen state? and ?in the throes of Bad Crazy,? according to Forbes.

We recently shared how this episode would all be about Morgan and how we won?t get to know the answer to the greatest mystery of ?The Walking Dead? yet: Is Glenn still alive? Of course you?d expect that AMC won?t reveal the truth just yet. They need to keep the viewers hooked to the show until we can?t wait any longer.

But the truth of the matter is, ?Here?s Not Here? was a great episode to build up the suspense of the coming events to come in season 6. We saw how a crazed and delusional Morgan luckily ended up in the hands of Eastman (John Carroll Lynch), ?a forensic psychiatrist whose job was to determine if inmates could re-enter society,? posted by Forbes. In other words, Morgan is one lucky guy.

The episode gave us a refreshed idea in the world of the living dead that there is humanity somewhere in the midst of all the deaths and horror, making him ?a breath of fresh air to the show.? Overall we have nothing but good words for this episode but let?s hope for the sake of AMC that we finally see Glenn in the next episode.

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