The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10: Guess Who’s The Comic Book Character That Will Be Making Debut This Week?

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The Walking Dead Season 6

After that amazing and pulse-pounding midseason premiere, The Walking Dead Season 6 still has a lot of surprises in store for all the dead heads out there. Another new character will be rising (not from the dead!) from the comic book pages of Robert Kirkman?s zombie apocalypse saga.

Comic Book reports that this Sunday?s episode titled The Next World will be introducing a new character who will be familiar to comic book fans, but there will also be a shocking twist coming that will blow the minds of even the most hardcore Walking Dead fans.

Straight from the Spoiler Room of EW, they write: ?A familiar face from the comics makes his (or her!) debut during Sunday?s episode, but that certainly won?t be the most shocking moment ? in fact, even comic book fans probably won?t see this twist coming.?

From last week?s bloody zombie battle, TWD takes us on a roadtrip in the next episode with Rick and Daryl. Our men of the hour will be taking on a simple scavenging run which will later on prove to be more tricky when they find out that they are not the only ones coming after a goldmine of supplies.

Our survivors will most probably meet our new character from the comic books in this small excursion. But who could it be? And what twist could shock us more than last episode?s horrible deaths and eye-shattering twists? There is only one comic book character we can think of that will possibly be the one who?s making the big debut ? Jesus!

It is already known that Jesus will be played by English actor Tom Payne and that he will be making his debut this season. So it?s probably him. But what if it?s not him and the ?shocking twist? will be the introduction of the Jeffrey Dean Morgan?s Negan??

But TWD won?t jump the gun that easily. According to CinemaBlend, the big shocker could perhaps be something in relation to Daryl facing the repercussions for blowing up the group of Saviors into pieces from last episode. We already learned from last week that this group has the habit to retaliate when you mess with them or even when you do absolutely nothing but cross their path, they could ?pop someone out right off the bat.?

But maybe that is due for another day and the ?big moment? could be for another character or even about the new character to be introduced.

Stay tuned for another weekly dose of shocks, twists, and zombie guts in The Walking Dead Season 6. Catch Episode 10 The Next World 9pm on AMC.

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