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The Walking Dead Season 5B Trailer: Another Day – This Time it has More Scenes

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Photo source and credits to AMCPhoto by Gene Page/AMC

The latest teaser trailer video for the return of The Walking Dead this February

The Walking Dead fans will probably like the latest teaser trailer of AMC for the second half of season 5.

This one is no doubt, much better compared to Surviving Together and it has a few awesome scenes. One question though, what the hell is up with Rick?s Hershel beard?

The Walking Dead Season 5 teaser trailer titled ?Another Day?

Credits to AMC YouTube channel

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This teaser trailer is much better compared to the one that was released last week titled ?Surviving Together?. This one contains a lot of scene that may hold a few hints for the future of The Walking Dead season 5.

Here are a few scenes that I saw that may hold a few clues:

  • The scene where they are stranded inside the barn and by the looks of it, it seems like they are stranded because of the storm?or possibly more! The first thing that pops into mind when I saw them holding down the door was they are surrounded by hordes of walkers.
  • Walkers sliced into pieces. Now who would do such a thing?! Yes, I know they ?kill? the walkers but not mutilate them! Could it be a new villain? Possibly a more sadistic one at that?
  • The scene where Eugene is standing on a car and there?s a bright red light behind him. It could indicate that they crashed or something because in one scene in the trailer, you can see that Rick is driving and he is running over a few walkers on the road. Assuming that is connected to that Eugene scene.
  • Rick beside a bloody car could prove the above theory that they are connected. You can see the headlight is a bit reddish in color.
  • Michonne?s line ?Don?t you want? One more day with a chance?? could mean that ?The Group? will encounter another internal conflict. This is just a theory though based on Michonne?s facial expression.
  • Who is that woman who opened the door and saw a walker on the floor? I?d like say that, that woman is Maggie but it kind of doesn?t look like her.

The Walking Dead Season 5 will return on AMC this coming February 8, 2015.

Photo source and credits to AMC

Photo by Gene Page/AMC

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