The Walking Dead: Season 2 – Episode 4 Released

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Robert Kirkman (Writer and Eisner Award-winning creator of the Walking Dead) and Telltale Games (Leading publisher of digital entertainment) announced a couple of days ago the release of The Walking Dead: Season 2 ?Amid the Ruins?, the penultimate episode of the hit game series.

Amid the Ruins can now be availed on the Xbox Store for Xbox 360, on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3, and on the Telltale Online Store and Steam for PC and Mac. Also, it is available on the App Store for compatible iOS devices.

In a review that has been done by, they rated the Amid the Ruins episode a 9.5 out of 10.

?The writing is the best it?s ever been, employing meaningful character development, symbolism, and choice to create a story that?s emotionally exhausting.There?s a level of purpose and confidence here that the studio has rarely matched,? said.

Also, rated the episode a 9 out of 10.

?Telltale?s masterful storytelling keeps us hoping for the best even as that optimism is continually shattered by what is proving to be one of the most memorable tragedies ever told in gaming,? said.

Telltale Games? The Walking Dead has already sold more than 28 million episodes worldwide, has been earning almost a hundred Game of the Year awards from outlets which includes GamesRadar, The Telegraph, Wired, Destructoid, Mashable, Spike TV VGA?s, Polygon, USA Today, Yahoo! and Metacritic, and has also received two BAFTA Video Games Awards for Best Mobile Game and Best Story.

Telltale Games? The Walking Dead was based on Robert Kirkman?s award-winning comic book series (obviously), which presents an emotionally-charged tailor game experience where your choices and actions will greatly affect how the story will play out across the game?s entire series.

ESRB rated The Walking Dead: Season 2, A Telltale Games Series ? Episode 4: ?Amid the Ruins?, ?M? (Mature), for Strong Language, Sexual Themes, Blood and Gore and Intense Violence. ESRB has not yet rated the content of The Walking Dead: Season 2?s future episode.

For more info about the game, just visit Telltale Games The Walking Dead?s official website and Facebook, or follow Telltale Games on Twitter.



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