The Walking Dead News: Vancouver Production Opens Next Month

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Walking Dead?s post-apocalyptic settings are not for everyone, but that didn?t stop the series from being a big part of everyday television.

Walking Dead has entered its fifth season, and there are more than just enough zombies here to make a virtual army. Speaking of armies, it almost makes one think if the Governor can be resurrected as a macabre zombie of some sort?to lead these zombies against our heroes?? That would certainly make for entertaining TV.

Enter the series? fifth season, fans will be able to check out some new developments regarding the Walking Dead. A new companion series is premiering alongside Walking Dead?s fifth, chronicling the spread of the undead across the US, in Los Angeles, as per On Location Vacations. Another thing to look out for, in perhaps a stroke of goodwill, is this tweet from Norman Reedus who is supporting the natural role of mothers, as per Huffington Post.

Shufflers and Walkers

This companion series of the Walking Dead is being christened Fear the Walking Dead, as per On Location Vacations? report. It debuts on AMC alongside Walkind Dead?s fifth season as a sort of companion series. It will, however, not feature the same group, but a new group of heroes.

This is only natural, given that they are set in a different part of the US. It also serves to show that the survivors of the main Walking Dead series are not the only survivors of the desolate, undead-plagued world. The show should serve to show what life is in the US following the outbreak of the plague that spawned all the zombies. Production was said to have been in Vancouver, with some shots happening in Los Angeles, naturally.

Norman Reedus for Breastfeeding

We all love Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in Walking Dead, but his more honorable actions endear the actor to us even more.

Reedus recently posted a picture of himself in Instagram, as seen on the Huffington Post site, holding a fake breast and taking a picture along with two breastfeeding mothers. The photo was taken during a weekend convention that Reedus attended, and his support was certainly not surprising. His son with Danish model Helen Christensen was reportedly breast-fed, as revealed by the model herself during an interview.

Stone Cold Zombie Killers are People too

Norman Reedus actions might be seen as a sign of gaining new supporters for the show, which is about to start its new season. However, that doesn?t mean that it?s hard not to watch the show. If zombies and guns are your thing, there?s plenty of that here?with a right smattering of drama and a few licks of action here and there.


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