The Voice US 2016 News & Updates: Adam Levine Happy The Voice Almost Over? Can’t Wait to Get Away from Miley?

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The Voice US 2016 News
The Voice US 2016 News & Updates

Although most of us are getting both excited and sad that the end of the season is pretty close, it appears someone can?t wait for the season to finally end. The latest The Voice US 2016 News point to Adam Levine, who can?t wait to finally get away from Miley Cyrus.

The Feud

Reports of the feud between Miley and Adam haven been prevalent these past couple of months. The two have been pretty irritated towards each other and there has been a lot of friction between them until now.

Adam, in particular, has been more vocal on the conflict between him and Miley. He?s already said before that he?s pretty annoyed with?Miley ever since he?s been forced to work with her.

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From then on, many wild rumors between the two have been making rounds on the Internet. Several reports have been pushed out by media outlets explaining the two?s off screen bickering.

And the stories didn?t just stop there. There were even extreme speculation on one, or both of the two celebrity coaches leaving the show altogether because of the feud.

The Voice US 2016 News: More rumors

There was one rumor pointing out that Miley may not return to the show, while another rumor detailed of Adam?s plan to leave soon all because of Miley. There were also reports detailing that Blake Shelton would leave too when Adam leaves the show. This would be pretty big since these two vocal coaches are already two of the show?s staple celebrity coaches.

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But finally, after a long stressful season for Adam on and off-screen, it looks like he?s made it to the home stretch. It won?t be long till he doesn?t have to put up with Miley Cyrus till next season.

And that?s if she comes back. If the reports turn out to be true, then she may not be coming back next season. Hopefully, Adam isn?t a part of the rumored judges to be axed next season.?

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