The Voice Season 11: Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys Join Coaching Panel

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The Voice Season 11 brings two new judges to the podium, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus. On a hunt for the unique singers that they want for the team, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia and Miley fight it out for this season?s absurdly good singers.

Alicia tries to get the singers on her team first by getting into their soul. After every performance, she taps into their sob stories by asking the contestants questions like, ?Where is this voice coming from??

Adam is back to his sad puppy cat act, and Blake banks on how much he?s won in the past 10 seasons (4), and the fact that he has a cool girlfriend (Gwen Stefani). Miley, on the other hand, has already gained the reputation of being ?Stone Cold? just because she calls it as she sees it whenever a judge (particularly Adam) loses a contestant to another judge.

Sa?rayah belted out Drown in My Own Tears by Ray Charles and nailed it. Miley and Alicia both pushed the button for her and it was clear it was going to be a battle between the girls. Miley played on Sa?rayah conquering the stage with her presence, and compared it to her own way of expressing herself. Alicia tried her sob story technique, but in the end, Sa?rayah picked the non obvious choice and went with Miley.

Ethan Tucker sang Roxanne with a reggae twist. Blake and Adam both liked his rendition, but Blake went for his Gwen Stefani card and got Ethan on his team.

Mic drop

W? McDonald has got to have one of the most amazing voices this season. She started her song acapella to the classic Feeling Good, and didn?t miss a single note. All four judges turned their chairs for her, but Alicia pretty much dropped the mic when she said, ?You came to this show to meet me.?

Andrew Muro sang Billy Joel?s Vienna, prompting Adam to turn his chair at the song?s climax. Blake, probably for spite, turned his seat at the last minute. The two veteran judges fought based on the number of wins they?ve had throughout the 10 seasons, but Andrew went for Adam.

Billy Gilman sang like a pro the moment he started the first few notes of When We Were Young. It?s probably because he used to be a former country music child star. Miley remembered him as opening for her father years ago, and related to how she herself broke free from her child star status to become who she is today. However, Billy picked Adam.

Sophia Urista picked The Beatles? Come Together and performed the classic with her own flair. Blake said he was intimidated by her voice and said she will probably pick a girl judge. Alicia played on girl power to pick her and said she sounded like Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin. Miley pitched by calling on her godmother, Dolly Parton, and that got Sophia on her team.

Brendan Fletcher has been in twelve bands before going on The Voice?s stage. He sang Ray LaMontagne?s Jolene. He ended up on Team Levine.

Literally a seasoned singer

The next contestant is a seasoned singer. Dan Shafer sang Marry Me, and when Blake turned his seat around, he got the surprise of his life to find an old guy. As he was the only one who turned around, he got him on his team.

Lauren Diaz is the last one to perform on Day 2, and she had the balls to sing If I Ain?t Got You. The move paid off big time as Alicia loved her rendition and the audience got treated to the original version as Alicia belted a few of her own high notes to get Lauren on her team.

After two nights of The Voice Season 11: Alicia, 5; Blake Shelton, 5; Miley Cyrus, 4; ?Adam Levine, 4.


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