The Voice Blind Auditions Day3: Blake Lags Behind as He Fails to Get Anyone on His Team

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The Voice 2016

The Voice coaches are still forming their teams. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are still at it with their banter and rivalry as they strive to complete their respective teams. As of the last Blind Auditions, they each had 4 singers in their team while the ladies, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus, both tie at 5.

The first contender, Bindi Liebowitz, had Adam and Blake fighting over her. She sang Bust Your Windows and each judge made a case to get her on their team, but in the end she chose Adam because he works with different genres and she thinks he would be the best to help her develop her singing style.

Elia Esparza sang completely in Spanish and had Adam, Miley and Blake vie for her. After a big debate on how to pronounce her name correctly (E-lee-ya), she picked Adam to be her coach.

30-year-old Lane Mack is from Louisiana. He sang Every day I have the Blues and had Miley turn her chair for him, making him the first man on her team.

No love for Blake

Karlie Metzger is a 22-year-old lass from Missouri who has always been bullied in school because of her weight. Even when she?s studying Business in university, music always gives her comfort. She would put up videos of her singing on YouTube and she realized that singing is something she would like to make a living on and thinks The Voice is a good opportunity for her. She channeled Regina Spektor with her rendition of Samson, and it worked because Miley and Blake turned their chairs for her. In the end she picked Miley.

Josh Halverson from Texas is a country boy through and through, working in his family?s ranch since he was 12 years old. But music is his real passion and he wrote his first song when he was 21 years old. Performing Forever Young had Alicia turn her seat for the first time in the night along with Miley and Blake. Adam started to campaign for Blake, building a bridge between the usual warring coaches, but in the end Josh picked Alicia.

The count so far is Adam with 6, Miley with 6, Alicia with 6 and Blake, who didn?t get anyone on his team, remains at 4.


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