The Visit Review: All You Wanted To Know About The Film

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The Visit

Distributed by Universal Pictures, M. Night Shyamalan?s horror-thriller The Visit which?released yesterday has opened to a mixed response.

The Visit has received a rating of 63 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.?USA Today‘s review said, The Visit (**1/2 out of four; rated PG-13; in theaters Friday) is it’s?Shyamalan’s best movie in years. The low-budget thriller deftly mixes horror-movie?moments, pure strangeness and comedy like a family-friendly David Lynch effort as it?takes audiences on one really oddball trip to grandma’s house.

According to the review posted by Denver Post?the story is?told from a camera-equipped kid’s-eye-view. Not just that, but the movie is well cast and?strong on setting. But the dull thudding that resounds isn’t part of its effective aural design;?it’s the ungainly landing of nearly every shock and joke.

While The Verge?said,??The Visit is a found footage movie, and it?s the first clue that this is a?break from the Shyamalan we?ve seen before. As a director, he built his career on?meticulously crafted shots and camera moves that carried an almost mathematical precision,?but that?s all thrown out the window here.

The Independent?states,?The Visit is a strange film for M Night Shyamalan to be making at this stage?of his career, a low-ish-budget shocker-by-the-numbers co-produced with the prolific?horrormeister Jason Blum. As ever with Shyamalan, there is a twist in the tale, one that?beggars belief.

Well, now that we have given you a low-down on the pros and cons of the film, you can?decide for yourself if you want the film or give it a miss!

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