The Video Game Warzone #34: Flamebait VS Sensationalism

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On this episode one of our fans, JMD, gets into an argument with Hiphopgamer over the quality of posts that some of his writers submit to N4G. We talked particularly about Hydrolix. This lead to a discussion about Flamebait VS Sensationalism. All newspapers use sensationalism to sell papers. Some fishwraps actually lie like Star Magazine for instance. Torrence’s point was that sensationalism is ok if the article makes sense. Flamebait usually leads to a one sided, biased article that’s created to generate traffic. Also on this show:

* Why is no one comparing KZ2 to COD4?
* PSN gives more people to play with than Xbox Live
* Ninja Blade reactions
* E3 Party planning
* Massive Home update
* Why February’s NPD shouldn’t matter to anyone
* and much much more

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