The Video Game Warzone #30: Is Netflix A Form Of Infectious Marketing

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On this episode we debate how Netflix love is spreading all over Xbox Live. At any given moment a friend on your list might be watching Netflix. We talk about how seeing friends watch Netflix might cause a person to subscribe to it. We also discuss how Netflix is an added value to the Xbox 360 family. Also on this show:

* Killzone 2 sales predictions
* New York Comic Con chit chat
* Resident Evil 5 impressions and debates on it’s control scheme
* Hiphopgamer argues that the PS3 has Netflix too
* DLC vs Exclusive games, which do you prefer and why?
* GTAIV DLC headed to PS3
* Hiphopgamer calls out Bingegamer
* Torrence reflects back on the craziness of Davis Daily 1-29-2009
* and much much more…

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