The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Spoilers: Old Characters Will BE Returning, Guess Who

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Now here are?some interesting stuff to look forward to on The Vampie Diaries episode on Thursday: A character will be returning, and we see a different?side in the relationship of?Caroline and Bonnie.

In the leap taken by the show, it will be showcased that Caroline will be engaged to some other guy and not Stefan. But it looks like fans are not too happy to hear this. According to them, Caroline and Bonnie will be better off being paired with other male characters on The Vampire Diaries.

As far as the episode is concerned, here?s what you can expect to see: Damon will be seen supporting Elana and will go by his gut and do the right thing. While Stefan will speak to Valerie and get to know some shocking details of her past.

Bonnie on the other hand is in a difficult situation with Enzo and will be forced to fight a threat with him. The witch is also going to be forced to confront Alaric when she finds out some new information about the Phoenix stone and its terrifying powers, reports FashionandStyle.

Also, Tyler was seen in a flash forward scene three years from now when Stefan calls him to warn Caroline about something. ?We wanted to remind the audience that Tyler?s still very much a part of [the show?s] universe. When you?re fortunate enough to leave Mystic Falls ? and not because you died ? we try to exploit and embrace that. Tyler got away, so to speak, and just seeing a little glimpse of him in the show told the audience, ?Look, three years from now, the guy?s still alive. So there?s some hope,? executive producer Caroline Dries said, as reported by Just Jarred.

Looks like there will be lot of interesting twists and turns for the fans out there.

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