Uncharted Gets A Script At Last; All Systems Go For Movie Release

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Uncharted movie

While the Uncharted movie has yet to have a concrete release date, the movie script being finished will definitely set things in motion. Joe Carnahan, the writer in charge for the movie, posted the finished draft on Instagram.

Joe Carnahan’s script for the Uncharted movie

In the Instagram post, Carnahan dubbed the script a “Beast” and believes there is no “monstrously cool” script in Hollywood right now.

Carnahan is best known for the movie, The Grey, and he was revealed last year by Sony to write the script. He is also wanted to direct the movie as well, but conflicted with him wanting to be part of Bad Boys for Life.

The game franchise has sold millions and the cinematics and the drama are what made fans love the game. An Uncharted movie has been rumored for years, but making a good movie to match the game is a difficult task to do.

Who will we be expecting in the movie?

In a post by Kotaku, Seth Gordon and Shawn Levy were previously rumored to direct the movie, but that has not yet been confirmed. Mark Wahlberg was also rumored to play the protagonist, but that one was just a rumor as well.

Uncharted movie

As previously announced, the Uncharted movie was originally set to be released last year, but was not. Now that the script has been written, we can now start to expect a bit more information regarding the movie.

The trend of video games being turned to movies may not have been what fans would have expected. The recent Assassin’s Creed movie just showcased exactly what fans feared. But let’s not assume that the Uncharted movie will be the same.

Carnahan may have taken his time to write a script that will provide fans with the movie that goes toe-to-toe with the game itself. For now, let’s just patiently wait and see what the Uncharted movie has to offer once it hits the big screen.

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