The Tower: Game Launched by Mistake

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Games need a lot of time to create, you have to keep debugging it even if it looks complete. It has to be perfect to be able to fully utilize and experience the whole content of the game. But what happens when a game is mistakenly released several months before its expected release?

An unlikely and unbelievable mistake happened when one game that is supposed to be released 7 months from now, was already made available on Steam.

The Tower, an RPG dungeon warrior, explorer, raider and all that crazy stuff was supposed to be coming on winter of 2015. Somehow, its alpha landed on Steam?s Early Access and the whole thing just went public without any warning of sort. The cave-ins and some of the designs were completely rigged and might be still on the polishing phase but somebody is already on fire when it happened.

The game?s lead designer, Dante Knoxx, furiously blamed the new moderator that was given access to the game.

“Oh, Christ! I recently gave Zakk access to our back-end as a Moderator, so I could concentrate on working flat-out and remove some of the community strain from my work load, and the fool has released us seven months early!!”

The Early Access program that Steam has, offers players a ?taste? of the game before it is officially published. Although it is not yet finished, it is offered for sale at a huge discount so the developers could take feedback from the players. Like any other Early Access games that Steam has, The Tower was released but way too early.

Dante Knoxx might have negotiated with Steam to slightly undo the damage that their moderator has done.

“This many people aren’t supposed to see us until The Tower 2015 edition is ready to launch as it may actually have [irreversibly] damaged something because of this.” He added.

They took the game out of Steam?s Early Access for a couple of minor changes and today, they put it back as Knoxx updated it and posted;

“We’re officially back on Early Access. Sorry about that folks! :D”

People make mistakes but everything can be fixed.? Though I fear the most for that Zakk guy.

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