The Surge Update 1.03 Fixes Progression Issues, Removes Tech Scrap Farm Glitch, And More

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the surge update 1.03
A big update for fans of The Surge. [Image from Focus Home]

Deck 13 has released The Surge update 1.03, which fixes two major progression issues fans have been experiencing. Fans can continue from the areas they’re stuck in, so anyone that has the game should download this ASAP. This will be a relief to those that have been playing the Souls-esque RPG, along with the various bug fixes.

The game’s official Twitter account broke the news on the new update, confirming that the progression issues are now fixed. It’s good to see the company listen to fan complaints, especially since this is one of Deck 13’s better games. Expect more updates to come, assuming fans find any bugs that break the game or hinder their enjoyment of it.

You Shall Pass

The Surge update 1.03 fixes the “Closed Lab Doors” and “Security Rig” bugs, which prevented players from progressing forward. Both of these would close and never open, leading to many players restarting their system or rage quitting the game. Now that these issues have been fixed, players won’t have to worry about jumping back into the game anytime soon.

Limited Injects

Fans on GameFaqs have noticed that the update has made energy injects limited, which has proven to be controversial. Some players built their characters based on this item, so it being limited has ruined some strategies for crafty gamers. The item didn’t heal too much and had a 15 second cooldown, so some fans are disappointed with this change.

Less Unblockables

While the limited energy injects will turn off some fans, The Surge update 1.03 also lessens enemy unblockable attacks. PlayStation Lifestyle confirmed this, stating that the amount of dodge only moves has been lessened, so that evens things out. It’s a solid change and should help fans who have been having a hard time with the game’s bosses.

Limited Tech Scrap

Another change that could be considered disappointing is the removal of the Tech Scrap farming glitch, so that’s worth noting. Tech Scrap is used to level up your character, so fans will have to go back to grinding against enemies. It’s a pretty sad, but understandable change, since the game is trying to be a challenging Souls-esque RPG.

The Surge is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, so curious fans should check it out. While not critically acclaimed, the game is doing better than the developer’s previous title, Lords of the Fallen.

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