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The Surge Trophy List Reveals Alternate Endings

the surge trophy list
The Surge has multiple endings. [Image from the official website]

Fans of Dark Souls-esque games are about to discover something interesting in the recently discovered The Surge trophy list. Apparently, there are two ending to the game and it depends on the player corrupting Utopia protocols. Since the game is sci-fi oriented, it makes sense to see some type of futuristic protocols put in the game.

Multiple endings are nothing new in these types of games, but it does add some replay value to the title. It will be interesting to see how The Surge handles these endings and if they make the game any better. Dark Souls fans might eat up the gameplay, assuming the lore is interesting and the levels are varied. [Minor spoilers below]

The Utopia Protocols?

VGDB revealed the The Surge trophy list, two of which revealed that there would be alternate endings for the game. The Brave New World trophy can be earned by not corrupting the Utopia Protocols, which seems to be the good ending. For those that want the bad ending, they can corrupt the Utopia Chronicles and get For The Good of Mankind.

Most Dark Souls-esque games usually have subtle storytelling, so it will be interesting to see if The Surge does too. From what has been revealed thus far, it looks like a solid action RPG and the setting is somewhat unique. Alternate endings could make the game even more replayable, assuming it ends up becoming a great game when it’s released.

A Surge In Popularity?

Now that fans know what’s in the trophy list of The Surge, it could make fans more interested in it. Replay value is something fans look forward to these days, so this could get fans to purchase the sci-fi RPG. Since the game is coming out in a few weeks, we will soon know if the action RPG ends up becoming a hit.

Coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC, it will be interesting to see how gamers react to the title. Dark Souls clones tend to get different reactions from fans, sometimes doing well, but not always getting critical acclaim. Lords of the Fallen was seen as an easier version of the series and has been regarded as a mediocre game.

Those interested in this title can get The Surge on May 16 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Fans interested in Dark Souls-esque titles can get Nioh on PS4 to kill time, which has gotten plenty of great reviews.

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