The Surge Review: Impressions From An Early Player

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the surge review
One fan was able to share his thoughts on The Surge. [Image from Amazon]

Despite being a bit under the radar, some fans have been looking around the Internet for a The Surge review. Mixing Dark Souls-esque combat with a futuristic setting has interested many a gamer, who are hoping it will be good. Interestingly, one fan has been able to get the game much earlier than everyone else and has shared his thoughts.

Reddit user alexcustom6877 has had some positive things to say about the hardcore action RPG game, while acknowledging its flaws. The user has answered some fan questions as well, so it’s a worthwhile thread to check out for curious fans. Overall, it might be a solid title for fans of the Dark Souls-esque genre that has populated gaming recently.

Big Improvements

In the user’s The Surge review, he pointed out how the combat is much faster than Lords of the Fallen. This lead to many wanting to buy the game, since many felt Lords of the Fallen was an underrated title. Both games were made by the same developer, so seeing them learn from the first game is good to know.

Apparently, The Surge will give players two combat options at the start of the game, which is pretty useful. One is weaker but has faster attacks, while the second is stronger but fights much slower than the first. While not exactly complex game design, it is a simple enough feature that helps gamers play their way.

Fun But Generic?

Combat was the major focus for the user’s The Surge early impressions, since the story was described as generic. Maybe the multiple endings will fix that, but an unoriginal story is never a good sign for first impressions. Dark Souls focused more on subtle storytelling, so it will be interesting to see reactions from fans of the title.

Then again, if fans just want to hack-and-slash their way through enemies in a sci-fi setting, this could be perfect. Digital buyers won’t have much to complain about either, since the install size is a relatively small 6 GB. It’s also visually pleasing, with the Reddit user confirming a smooth time of playing, even with seven enemies on-screen.

The Surge is slated for a May 16 release on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Fans interested in this might also want to pick up the complete edition of Lords of the Fallen. In one week, fans will know if it’s a good game or a mediocre experience. Expect The Surge reviews  from critics sometime before the game releases.

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