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The Strangest-Looking Mobile Phones

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The necessity of a mobile phone nowadays has pushed developers and engineers to their creative limits when it comes to design. In the opinion of TheBitBag, we think that sometimes, too much coffee, and client demands, and sleep deprivation, can drive the imagination too far. Here are a few examples of the strangest and ugliest mobile phone designs to have hit the market:

The mobile phone only Patrick Starfish would use


We really couldn’t think of a joke good enough to match the design. Even elecsonline categorizes this one in the “seniors and kids” section of their online catalogue. Imagine sending an SMS to someone with those pointy starfish legs poking into your palm. We wouldn?t even consider this one as kid-friendly. It does make for a good party trick though.

The Walkie-Talkie you can wear on your wrist


It looks like someone got their hands on the Power Rangers? blueprints and came out with their own version to make some quick cash. Usually, you would need one hand to be able to use a mobile phone. But even on your wrist, you?d still need two hands; one to put the watch on and one to type on the awkwardly-located keypad on the strap of the bloody mess.

The one that looks like a box of Chocolates


That?s not just any box of sweets. That?s a DUAL-SIM box of chocolates. That?s right. This mobile phone doesn?t just boast of a romantic joke of a design but it also boasts of the capacity to run two sim cards at the same time. TheBitBag suggests that every little girl should have one but then get rid of it by the age of 12. Because that?s the age where their friends start making fun of the things their parents make them use.

The handset you have to bend just to wear


Made from a ?form memorizing? metal, this phone still has to be bent into a bracelet, belt, choker, crown or whatever the hell you need to make it into just so that you can wear it. We wonder what kind of excuses people will make when they lose this one.

The phone you have to share your soda with


Now this is just plain bad. Just when you thought you stole away from your thirsty posse and all alone with that bottle of soda you snuck out from the vendo, your phone suddenly wants a sip! Marveling at the capacity to generate power from drinks that turn toddlers into steamrollers, TheBitBag deems this phone as too much to bear for the thirsty phone user. Your soda has better use making you fidgety and frantic than powering up your mobile phone. We recommend buying this phone only to show off at parties. But this phone doesn?t run on beer, though.

With all these wonders of creative development, it is very clear that we are still going to see more ugly and strange surprises in the future when it comes to mobile phones. We at the TheBitBag cannot wait to see what?s in store.


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