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The Sims 5 Teaser: EA Reveals New Sims Game To Come In VR

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The Sims 5 will be released soon
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After three long years, Electronic Arts has finally hinted at the upcoming Sims 5. In a press announcement posted on Reddit earlier today, EA hinted at the possible release of probably the best version of the simulation game to date.

“Are you ready to live in The Sims world?” the post said, before it was taken down minutes after the announcement went up. Subscribers who were able to read the announcement revealed that The Sims 5 could possibly be playable in VR, which makes it more immersive than ever.

Aside from this, it looks like EA is bringing back the all-connected neighborhood scheme of The Sims 3, where everyone in the neighborhood easily reached different lots, shops and houses. Sims could visit others easily by car, taxi, bicycle, or even by just jogging around.

In addition, it looks like EA has learned from its previous experience of disappointing its fans. The statement said that the release of The Sims 5 would already come with toddlers in the basic game pack. No more hullaballoo and unnecessary debate among Sims fans.

Simmers have long been hoping for a better Sims experience. At present, EA is unrivaled in the simulation game genre. Recently, a new simulation game known as Project Vie hinted at releasing a better experience for Simmers.

Vie is similar to The Sims in some ways, but totally different in some other ways. You will end up doing the same thing in both games, but you’ll have a much better time in Vie,” the group announced on Reddit. However, after fans waited for the March 15 big reveal, it only turned out to be a massive hoax.

Meanwhile, a new DLC was released called The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff Pack, which features new skills, new activities, and more clothing designs. The best part is the new furniture, which according to some Simmers, go well perfectly with previous game packs The Sims 4: City Living and The Sims 4: Get Together. Bowling Night Stuff Pack is now available in Origin.

On the other hand, more details about EA’s surprise announcement of The Sims 5 release can be found here.

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