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Sims 4 Secret Achievement: How to Earn It Guide And Its Rewards

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Sims 4 Secret Achievement

Despite being released two years ago, The Sims 4 never fails to surprise its players. In this case, it appears that there is another Sims 4 Secret achievement. In contrast, City Living only has one hidden achievement.

The previous DLC, The Sims 4 Get Together, didn?t give the players new achievements. This time, the hidden achievement in Sims 4 City Living encourages the players to explore the city for the new monuments.

Viewing every single monument that?s been placed in Myshuno Meadows are required to unlock this new achievement. SimsCommunity made a great job in circling every monument?on the map.

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Furthermore, there are six monuments to be viewed. This makes SimsCommunity?s location guide a great help to players who are looking for the monuments.

Sims 4 Secret Achievement

Sims 4 Secret Achievement Rewards

After locating and viewing all these monuments, the new achievement called, ?View All Myshuno Meadows? Sculptures? will be added in the Achievements panel. Players will also receive 25 achievement points for each of the monuments.

Hence, viewing all six of them would earn the players up to 150 achievement points. Given that the achievement is only there to encourage the players to explore San Myshuno, players won?t be rewarded with an in-game item or even a boost.

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On the other hand, people who are able to download the City Living DLC are now receiving invitations to events, especially the Rabbit Holes secret events. During these events, players would be able to go to underground concerts.

In addition to the exciting underground concerts, players can also be invited to the Opera or even to the circus. In fact, their Sims would be dressed up accordingly, depending on the venue.

How To Participate

Whenever a secret event is set to take place on a certain day, players? Sims would get a call invite in the morning with the details. However, there will be a third call in which the players are asked if they would like to go.

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Furthermore, the game is expected to have more in-game events in order to celebrate the upcoming holidays. It is expected to be released around Thanksgiving. It is likely that there might be another Sims 4 Secret achievement.

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