The Sims 4: Released Video Shows New Ways To Build Houses

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The Sims 4

A trailer for The Sims 4 released on Wednesday shows off new and improved ways to build houses within the popular life-simulating game. It offers a new look at the game?s Build Mode and the changes it has gone through to make the updated version more customizable and faster.

The Sims 4 is developed by Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA), an American video game developer and publisher, together with their subsidiary Maxis Software. It is a casual life simulation game where players can create virtual people dubbed as ?Sims,? place them in houses and control their lifestyle.

The video was narrated by John Berges, a Maxis designer. He detailed updated personalization features that The Sims 4 will have for its Build Mode. This is seen as the sequel to a trailer released earlier this month showcasing a more comprehensive character creation feature.

As shown in the trailer, players can initiate home-building by putting in walls similar to past games. A new option is available where entire rooms can be placed and reshaped at will by dragging and moving the sides. Players who want to save time can put fully-furnished rooms in place. Upon resizing of a room, all furniture will be automatically arranged by the game?s system in accordance with the room?s size. This whole process appears to be running smoothly and speedily.

Other improvements revealed by the video includes features like installing windows to a room with only one click and the option to alter the window?s height. Players may also choose three different heights for the walls and the ability to add a foundation even after the house was built.? Another remarkable update is the power to move an entire house after building it.

EA announced that they are indeed working on The Sims 4 way back May 2013. But the developer has not divulged anything about its release date. Video game enthusiasts predict that EA will unveil it at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2014 event on June 9. Other sources claim that it will be released later during the fall season of 2014. What?s known is that The Sims 4 will not require an internet connection in order to play it. Older or lower-end machines can also be supported by the upcoming version, unlike its predecessor The Sims 3.

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