The Sims 4 Dine Out: Selected Speed Builds Featured

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The new Sims 4 Dine Out Game pack is full of features enough to keep a virtual foodie and aspiring restaurateur busy all day.

With the new expansion pack, Sims can now enjoy running their own restaurants, while having control on its brand?just like in real life! The restaurant name, the menu, the staff?s uniform, the establishment?s preferred clientele, are only a few of the features that the pack offers.

For those who prefer to take over a business instead of the more adventurous ones who like building things from the ground up, The Sims team has released some The Sims 4 Dine Out builds created by fellow Sim users. These restaurants can be downloaded through The Sims 4 Gallery, after which, players only need to find a place in their neighborhood and the buildings are ready for business.

Amazing builds

Seafood Restaurant by Deligracy has an Asian theme. The idea is that it?s an old warehouse type that?s been transformed into a fabulous seafood sensation restaurant in a beach area. The modern building features an open kitchen, 2 levels of seating and uses big glass walls and large windows. The restaurant is surrounded by water to emphasize the seafood/water theme. The lot size is 30 x 20, and can be purchased at 104,015 simoleons.

Sims 4 Dine

Seafood Restaurant build by Deligracy. (Photos from

Modern 50?s Diner by Leander is your typical American diner with a modern touch. He used all the items that came with the base game and the latest game pack so that shouldn?t be a problem for Sim players who would want to download his beautiful red and white American diner. The lot size is 30 x 20, and can be purchased at 95,473 simoleons.


Modern 50’s diner by Leander. (Photo credit:

Penapple’s Hot Dog Stand looks whimsical and fun. This Sims Dine Out user designed her hot dog stand to look like a giant hotdog sandwich. She used only base game and dine out game pack items, making her hotdog stand more accessible to players who only have the Dine out game pack. The lot size 20 x 20, and can be purchased at 36,430 simoleons.


Penapple’s hotdog stand is whimsical and fun. (Screen grab from the

More Dine Out builds will be featured in The Bitbag, so stay stuned!

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