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The Simpsons Tribute To David Bowie And Alan Rickman w/ Three-Year-Old Clip That has Resurfaced Online [Watch]

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David Bowie Alan Rickman
A screen cap from The Simpsons’ tribute.




In the wake of the tragic deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman last week, The Simpsons – like many figures from across the entertainment industry, paid their respects to the British icons. What makes the animated show?s tribute to the pair slightly more amusing, is the fact that the short video clip comes from an episode that is almost three-years-old.

David Bowie and Alan Rickman

The scene in question originates from a 2013 episode of the series called, ?Love is a Many Splintered Thing.? Originally aired on Valentine?s Day, the original show served as a tribute to British pop culture. One of the gags in the plot was a fictional movie called Love Indubitably, a parody of Rickman?s cult-classic romantic comedy, Love Actually.

In a completely coincidental turn of events, the spoof just happened to have a clip of an animated Rickman, in character as Harry Potter?s Professor Snape, touting the merits of love as David Bowie?s classic song ?All the Young Dudes? plays in the background.

?Love is more powerful than all my magic,? says Snape. A smorgasbord of British pop culture figures like Shakespeare, Churchill, Sherlock and Isaac Newton then proceed to perform The Full Monty as director Alfred Hitchcock steps out of Dr. Who?s Tardis and breakdances.

The clip also features the voice of fellow British star Benedict Cumberbatch as the fictional Prime Minister.

Without knowing it, the creators of the show inadvertently created a touching tribute to the two deceased stars years in advance. On Twitter, executive producers Al Jean and Matt Selman paid additional tribute to Bowie by tweeting pictures of the music legend drawn in the signature Simpsons? style.

This isn?t the first time that the Simpsons has predicted a major pop culture event. Dilligent fans of the show have compiled some of the series? best moments of foresight in this Reddit page.


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